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I fully understand how some find this extremely difficult and need support when deciding what to part with and what to keep. I would not judge on what you wanted to keep - that would not be my place and I don't share the memories you hold. We can discuss and work at a pace that is good for you, which will have lasting benefits for not only you but maybe those around you.

We can work together to practically organise, sort and de-clutter any space you would like to focus on, from a wardrobe, bedroom, kitchen or utility room, lounge, study (and paperwork), loft or even your shed or garage. 

Some clients declutter one room at a time and progress to the whole house as they see and feel the tremendous rewards the changes have made to their life. I can help you make decisions regarding storage in your home and suggest ways to reduce any future accumulation of 'things' and try to prevent it happening again. 

I can take items you don't love or require to local charity shops or dispose of any recycling for you as this can be time consuming or inconvenient. I am one for giving items another chance in life - what you have become tired of or doesn't fit anymore can really make a difference to someone else's' life - they may welcome it into their home!

After decluttering and organising you may like the room redecorated, recarpeted, or a change of furniture - endless possibilities to enjoy your new surroundings. I am happy to source different furniture options for you, sometimes preloved items can be found and on many occasions affordable items can transform a room. Reasonable quotations can be obtained for most things and for those working within a budget I can look at what is affordable for you. 

After seeing your room in a new light you may wish to have a thorough 'Spring Clean' or general clean, I can do this for you.

It goes without saying after decluttering and organising, your everyday cleaning will become so much easier and quicker.

So many times I have heard the words "if only I had done it sooner". But the time has to be right for you and only you. After decluttering no-one looks back with a feeling of regret, you will only feel the numerous benefits and a great feeling of being so very much 'lighter'.

We are now offering a professional decorating service for your home in the colours and decor of your choice, alternatively I am quite happy to discuss new colour schemes and soft furnishings with you if you are a little confused by the choices available. 
Many of my clients after having their rooms decluttered are often inspired to give the room a new look and lease of life with fresh paintwork and sometimes new curtains or furnishings.  

Please contact me if you are interested in a quotation for your decorating needs as the rates are different to the decluttering fees on this website.

When selling a home it is often in your best interests to declutter, reorganise and present your property in the best possible way in order to maximise viewings, achieve a quick sale and ultimately obtain a higher sales price. 

It can be rewarding to rearrange furniture, dispose of unused or unloved items and find the room can look so much bigger and brighter, often with only a few relatively small changes.

I can help you with many design and storage ideas and advise you how to attract a wider selection of potential buyers for your home and what you can do to achieve this.

I can share details of trustworthy and reliable tradesmen I have used in the past for any work that you may wish to have carried out in order to maximise the sale of your home if you do not already have any contacts.

A great idea is to declutter your home prior to moving which not only reduces the amount of packing but also the moving or storage fees. Why shift it from one house to another if it is no longer loved or cannot be accommodated in your new home? 

I can help you pack your belongings lessening the stress involved and could also assist you in unpacking and re-siting your furniture, belongings and loved items into your new home. 

Moving home is such a stressful and exhausting time that often help is beneficial to lessen the impact on both you and your family.

Relatives are often left with the daunting and emotional stress of dealing with a loved ones' home and its' contents. 

It is not an easy job to sort through what is sometimes years' of possessions or clutter, paperwork and photos and most find it quite distressing. 

I can help you at the property with a caring and sensitive approach to tackling the problems you may have to face. 

Maybe the home has not been cared for in the way it used to be due to illness or incapacity, and you may need help in restoring it to a better condition. 

We can work together to get you through this stressful period.

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